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Respiratory Protection Program Online

The purpose, scope and application of this program are included in this section.

EHSS, Departmental/PPE Coordinator, Employee, Contractor and Visitor responsibilities and requirements are covered in this section.

Respirator Uses
This section outlines some of the exposure conditions where respirator usage may be appropriate.

Selection Procedures
Guidance is provided in this section on the proper selection of respirators for those hazards that are not adequately eliminated or controlled by other means.

Respirator Fit Testing
All users of tight-fitting respirators must be fit tested. This section outlines these requirements.

Facepiece Seal Protection
This section describes how the facepiece seal must be assured by the user.

Respirator Maintenance, Care and Storage
This section outlines how respirators are to be maintained, cleaned, sanitized, and stored.

Persons who are required to use respirators must be trained on an annual basis. This section outlines these requirements.

Medical Evaluation
Persons who are required to use respirators must be medically qualified before respirators will be assigned for use.

Voluntary Use of Respirators
Persons who use respirators for their own convenience or comfort, but are not exposed to an airborne contaminant above legal limits, are called voluntary users. Voluntary users of respirators must still comply with certain requirements of this program.

Respirator Purchases
All respirator purchases must be approved by EHSS. This section outlines these requirements.

Termination of Services and Respirator Recovery
When a respirator is no longer needed, the respirator must be removed from service. This section outlines these requirements.

This section outlines what records will be maintained by EHSS, and which records the department must maintain.

Program Enrollment
This section describes how employees are enrolled in the program.

These are the appendices referenced in other sections.

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